SA’s lockdown now comes with an automatic extension to driver’s and car licences

  • Any car or driver’s licence that expires during South Africa’s national Covid-19 lockdown will remain valid, under new rules published Monday.
  • After the lockdown ends, those with expired licences will have another 30 days to renew the documents.
  • The grace period also applies to roadworthy certificates and professional driving permits.

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Car and driver’s licences will not expire during South Africa’s national lockdown, under new transport rules that came into force on Monday.

In terms of disaster regulations issued by transport minister Fikile Mbalula, such licences will remain valid while Covid-19 measures keep licensing offices closed, and citizens from renewing their paperwork.

Once the lockdown ends there will be another 30-day grace period – or perhaps longer, if Mbalula sees fit – to renew licences.

The extension is valid for a whole range of licences and permits, including:

  • driving licences
  • learner’s licences
  • motor vehicle licence disks
  • temporary permits
  • professional driving permits
  • roadworthy certificates

The regulations came into force immediately on publication on Monday, 30 March.

Non-essential government services are closed for the full duration fo the lockdown intended to curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, but departments have been urged to keep necessary bureaucratic operations going. Those include regulating cars and public transport used by essential personnel.

In a separate regulatory update, Mbalula broadened the definition of essential services – those services which must be kept operational, and employees of which may travel during the lockdown – to include tollgate operators and “employees responsible for safe operation of the roads”.

“Road emergency operators”, a phrase that is not defined but is thought to refer to tow-truck operators, are now also explicitly allowed to continue working.

Under South Africa’s state of disaster around Covid-19, cabinet ministers may create regulations within their sphere or competence as they see fit, as long as the rules are required to deal with the disaster. Such regulations take on the force of law on publication.

Article courtesy of Business insider South Africa