Protection of Personal Information:

We at MVL MAKELAARS BK, respect your constitutional right to privacy. We are committed to and bound by the terms and provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (“POPI”) regarding the acquisition, usage, retention, transmission, deletion and sharing of your personal information. We will check and validate the information you provide through legal means. We have high-level security measures in place to protect your personal information.

Your personal information herein collected is for the primary purpose of providing you with insurance cover and for all other activities and processes incidental to and relevant to this purpose. Your information shall be kept confidential; however, we shall disclose it to certain third parties as required and other insurers for the specific purpose of insurance and to reduce and prevent any form of fraudulent activity. Sharing of information includes, but is not limited to, information sharing as arranged via the South African Insurance Association. You hereby give consent and fully understand the reason for MVL MAKELAARS BK to process, use, share and retain your personal information for its designated purpose and you confirm the accuracy of the information. You may request MVL MAKELAARS BK to amend, update, change or correct your personal information processed by us by sending a request to your Broker or our Information Officer, MARLENE LAMPRECHT, email address marlene@mvlbrokers.co.za

If you require more information on how we deal with your personal information and your rights in this regard we will gladly provide you with a copy of our Privacy Notice. Should you decide to cancel this insurance contract or business relationship you further consent to MVL MAKELAARS BK retaining the information in line with the legally permitted retention period, for statistical and reporting purposes only. Should you decide not to accept the proposal, the information collected will be de-identified, on your request, and only used for statistical and research purposes.

Disclosure Paragraph: Confidentiality and Privacy:

The FSP acknowledges that they will not, during their agreement with a client or at any time, thereafter, process or disclose/share any confidential, private, or personal information obtained, except to the extent permitted by the client or required by applicable law. Your consent for the processing (which includes – collection, use, recording, organisation, storage, modification, transmission, distribution, and disclosure/sharing) of your personal information for the purposes indicated at the initial contact stage and subsequent compliance and other documentations are hereby obtained. Your consent will enable the FSP to process your personal information lawfully and transparently. Your rights in this regard are explained in our POPIA Manual (which includes our Privacy Notice and our PAIA Manual) and it is available on request. 

Email Disclaimer with POPIA included:


The following terms shall apply to this e-mail communication, attachments and all subsequent e-mail communications and attachments, collectively referred to as the electronic message, which MVL MAKELAARS BK may send to you, the receiver. The information contained in this electronic message is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the receiver (individual or entity) to whom MVL MAKELAARS BK has addressed the electronic message, and others authorised by MVL MAKELAARS BK to receive it. If you are not the intended receiver you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or acting in reliance of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you are not the intended receiver of this e-mail (or such person’s authorised representative), then please notify the sender of this e-mail immediately by return e-mail, facsimile or telephone and delete this message from your system.

You may not print, store, forward or copy this message or any part thereof or disclose or cause information in this message to be disclosed to any other person. MVL MAKELAARS BK is not liable for the improper or incomplete transmission of the information contained in this electronic message, or for any delay in its receipt. MVL MAKELAARS BK is not liable for any harm or loss resulting from malicious software code or viruses in this e-mail or its attachments, including data corruption resulting therefrom. Any advice or information contained in this e-mail is subject also to any governing agreement between us. Only the Members of MVL MAKELAARS BK, can bind the company contractually. No electronic communication including any data message such as an e-mail or SMS, sent or received will give rise to a binding legal transaction.

MVL MAKELAARS BK shall not be liable if any variation is affected to any document or correspondence emailed unless that variation has been approved in writing and signed by an authorised company representative.