Tracking device scam

Hello Hollard Broker

In the spirit of protecting our customers and partners from harm, please share this useful information with your customers as it applies to any vehicle owner with a tracking device.

Scamsters have targeted the customers of several vehicle tracking companies in South Africa.

Vehicle tracking customers are being contacted by the scamsters who are pretending to work for the vehicle tracking company. They advise the customer that there is something wrong with their tracking unit and that they need to come out to repair or replace the device.

Once on-site, the perpetrators will claim that they need to test the device by taking the vehicle for a test drive or they will say that they can’t finalise the repairs on-site and need to take the vehicle back to the fitment centre.

If you or your clients are contacted about tracking device repairs by someone claiming to be from a vehicle tracking company, please advise your clients to ask the caller to take them through the security verification questions associated with the vehicle tracking device account in order to verify the legitimacy of the call.

If they are unable to do so, your clients should inform the caller that they will need to contact someone at the vehicle tracking company to confirm their authenticity.

It is important to keep the following in mind:

  • A vehicle tracking company technician will never need to nor should they ask to test drive your vehicle 
  • Always check the email address the request is sent from – this is often an immediate give away
  • Customers can always confirm the validity of an appointment by contacting the vehicle tracking company.


Article courtesy of Hollard Insure.